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FAQ - What are the benefits of becoming a SOROA member?  Answer To Frequently Asked Question

  FAQ - What are the benefits of becoming a SOROA member?
  1.CREDIT CHECKING ON-LINE: On-line credit checking is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week (for members only). Training classes are held monthly. Learn about our partnership with National Tenant Network and their services.

2. MEETINGS: Monthly general membership dinner with educational programs and membership networking. Check our Events Calendar for current programs.

3. NEWSLETTER:The INSIDER is a monthly publication including timely articles, management tips, legislative activity and local, state, regional and national news affecting property owners.

4. RENTAL FORMS: Rental management forms, law books and many other resources are available to assist the rental property owner and property managers in administrating their rental properties legally and effectively. These forms are available at a discounted price to members.

5. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: SOROA members have served on the Board of Directors of the Jackson County Housing Authority and Josephine Housing and Development council.

6. LEGISLATIVE: Active representation at the Oregon State Legislature to make landlord concerns heard with the lawmakers. Our ORHA Legislative Director collects our concerns and helps guide our ORHA paid lobbyist in ensuring that the landlords’ voice is a loud one. Legislative updates available to members only by email during Legislative sessions.

7. SEMINARS/EDUCATION: In person courses on Landlord/tenant law and property management. View our Education schedule under "Events".

8. LEGAL ASSISTANCE: Attorneys on the Board of Directors give informal updates at the monthly Membership meetings and write articles for our newsletter.

9. OREGON RENTAL HOUSING ASSOCIATION: The ORHA is composed of 14 associations of which SOROA is one. Together we provide a powerful state wide organization. All are united in our goal of preserving the free enterprise system and protecting the property rights of rental housing owners and Housing Providers.

10. MENTORING: SOROA has an active mentoring and helpline program that facilitates the professional growth for new, or less experienced members. Mentors act as a teacher to share their knowledge and experience in dealing with landlord and tenant issues. They will also help in problem solving by coaching and guiding Landlords, owners or property managers toward a solution. Mentors do not dispense legal information! Mentors are not a substitute for obtaining professional and competent legal assistance from an attorney! Mentors will do their best to help the requester to a solution. The requester bears the final responsibility for action and the results.

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Disclaimer: Southern Oregon Rental Owners Association Board Members and Mentors and Office Staff do not give legal advice. Any advice or guidance does not constitute legal advice. You should seek appropriate counsel for your own situation as needed.
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