SOROA is working in partnership with National Tenant Network to provide premium screening services for its members but is not free with a SOROA membership.  Please see fee schedule at bottom of page - this is not an all-inclusive list, but a sample of the services and associated costs. This service provides many useful benefits to all property owners and managers, such as:

  1. Eviction and Credit results in 15 seconds using the NTN Online site
  2. National Tenant Performance and Eviction Reports 21 States Nationwide.
  3. Fast Credit reports, with Scoring and your own Criteria
  4. One Hour State Wide OR or WA Criminal reports
  5. National Criminal Reports including Sex Offender Records
  6. County Criminal reports for any county in the United States

NTN collects Tenant Performance and Eviction data which is updated daily, and provides eviction filings that are followed from the first filing to the final judgment.

SOROA members also have access to NTN’s Tenant Performance database, made of resident history information submitted by other property managers, Nationwide.  This allows you to instantly network with other owners and managers to learn about lease violations or property damage, and also includes reports on Tenant Worthy residents.

To begin using the service, log on to and fill out the service agreement or obtain the form at one of our Free Tenant Screening Classes before many of the monthly general membership meetings. This class not only teaches you how to run your own reports using our site, but also covers the rules for screening with Fair Housing and Fair Credit Reporting Act regulations regarding what information you should get from the applicant when you take application, and how to properly deny an applicant if they don’t meet your standards. Even if your a seasoned landlord, we recommend you take the class. You will learn a faster and easier way to complete your screening needs. Using technology for tenant screening will save you time and money!

Classes are normally held locally just prior to our monthly meetings, normally starting at 5:15 pm. Subscription agreement applications are available to members at the classes.

Please give us a call if you have any questions or if you would like to register for an upcoming class. Call our office at 541-842-7676.

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