Dear Landlord Hank: I Have A Tenant Couple That Fight On A Regular Basis – What Do I Do?

Thursday, August 31, 2017 12:16 PM | Office Administrator (Administrator)

What do you do with a tenant couple that fight on a regular basis in your rental and call the police?  Each week veteran landlord and property manager Hank Rossi answers questions from other landlords and property managers around the country about their rentals.

Dear Landlord Hank,

Hello Hank, I have a tenant couple that fight on a regular basis and call the police.

I do not want the police in my park.  I feel it makes for a bad reputation. Can I evict them? And how?

Thanks in advance, Debbie.

Hi Landlady Debbie,

I’m not an attorney so I can’t give legal advice. I would look at your lease.

In my lease, in the section “USE OF PREMISES: Tenant shall maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary condition and not disturb surrounding residents or the peaceful and quiet enjoyment of the premises or surrounding premises.”

I would warn these tenants in writing that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated and is in violation of the lease.

Then I would talk to an attorney for advice.

This kind of conduct in your establishment will definitely lead to a bad reputation and it may attract exactly the kind of tenants you don’t want.

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