Legislative Update - HOT OFF THE PRESS with Jim Straub, ORHA Legislative Director

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 11:17 AM | Office Administrator (Administrator)

Dear SOROA Members,

I trust you have heard by now that House Bill (HB) 2004 failed to pass in the Oregon Legislature this session. This is an enormous victory for landlords that merits celebration.

Our work here is far from done, though. HB 2004 will undoubtedly be back next legislative session, and we can bet the fight will be even tougher.

HB 2004 did not pass because the final vote count in the Senate would have been 15-15, and a tie doesn’t pass. If a single Senator had changed their vote or a single Senator that would have voted against this bill loses their seat in a re-election campaign, it will have catastrophic consequences. I cannot allow this to happen.

HB 2004 rightfully scared the tar out of Oregon landlords. The only way we were able to defeat this bill was because of the involvement of every single one of our members across the state. I issued numerous calls to action that were important and immediate, and our members responded enthusiastically. This is the kind of commitment, dedication and involvement that it will take to continue our successes in the Legislature next session.

Make no mistake – this was a very public defeat for Speaker of the House Tina Kotek. Speaker Kotek personally spearheaded this bill and fought strenuously for its passage until the last possible moment. In her closing statement of the 2017 Legislature, she made it abundantly clear that she’ll be back with this bill next session in a mere six months’ time. Regardless of how you feel about Speaker Kotek’s politics, I think we can all agree that Speaker Kotek is very intelligent, a good political strategist, and she will not make the same mistakes twice. We may have won the battle, but the war is far from over.

I feel so strongly about this cause, as ORHA Legislative Director I will personally pledge a $1,000 donation to the ORHA KEY PAC . I challenge all of our members to match this pledge, and I further challenge property management companies to raise the donation to $5,000 each. The consequences of not pledging now will eclipse the financial consequences of losing the right to issue no-cause notices, rent control, of having to pay relocation assistance to tenants if legislation like HB 2004 were to pass in the next legislative session.

The reality of politics in this day and age is that to defeat something, you must spend money. We absolutely cannot play defense next legislative session. In order to affect change, we must have the political and financial capital to elect and retain landlord-friendly legislators. We can’t do this without you. Join me today and make your contribution now.

The ORH KEY-PAC can accept your credit card payment, or become a supporting member by arranging for a monthly recurring credit card contribution, at Oregonrentalhousingpac.org. Paper checks may be written to the ORHA Key PAC and mailed to:

89286 Cranberry Lane
Bandon, Oregon 97411

Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to working with you all again next legislative session to defeat bills like HB 2004.

Jim Straub
ORHA Legislative Director

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